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Art. Magic. Poetry.

Once upon a time...

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My visual artwork embraces three interrelated themes: 
1. Broken timeline
I have entered into a space-time singularity where the rules of the game are broken. It’s from this place that I communicate this knowledge. I have received information in GIFs format as an inter-dimensional message in a bottle for a group of castaways. So here you have it!
2. Lucaya and me
I found Lucaya buried in the sand in The Bahamas in 2015. She was lost and as soon as I saw her, my inner child got exited again. I started to think when I began instinctively to snap her that she always looks perfect. 
I don't want to become a doll in Instagram pics, and the time goes by..., so, we agreed that she would be representing me, because definitively she always poses, modelling with a lot of personality. We could say that she is my alter ego. So I recommend this possibility to all. Because I have found this very liberating... you have to try it!
3. Poetry and quotes
This comes directly from the muse, of poetry of course, and I don´t know how it comes, and never when. First surprised is me.

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Urbanización El Olimpo de Mijas casa 53
Mijas, Málaga, Spain

+34 665 594 610

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